Pattern #18

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UNFINISHED TILES As a raw metal product they will need some form of coating on them to protect against rust spots appearing from moisture in the air. A simple clear lacquer to seal them is fine which you can buy on this site in a spray can.


All painted tiles are powder coated, hand finished tiles are hand finished over a powder coated base. Painted tiles are ready for installation and don't require any additional protection.


All nail up tiles are 600 x 600 mm face with a 10 mm overlap around the perimeter. Images show a single tile, some tiles have repeated patterns as part of one tile.


Drop in tiles are all designed for a standard metric 595 x 595 mm suspended grid.

Lead times are estimates and subject to change at different time of the year. We always aim to get your tiles to you in the fastest time possible.

Nail up
Unfinished tiles - 2-3 weeks.
Painted tiles in a (single colour) - 3-5 weeks
Hand finished tiles (two colours) - 4-7 weeks

Drop in & Acoustic
Unfinished tiles - 2-3 weeks
Painted tiles in a (single colour) - 4-6 weeks
Hand finished tiles (two colours) - 5-7 weeks