About Tile Types



As the name suggests these tiles are installed by being nailed up, suitable for walls, ceilings, counters and bar fronts.

The most versatile tile of all them all. The face of standard Nail-Up tile measures 600 x 600 mm and has a 6 mm overlapping nail rail. The overlapping nail rail helps create a smooth transition from panel to panel and minimises the appearance of seams.

How to install Nail-Up tiles


The drop in tile is designed for a metric suspended grid. 595 x 595 mm dropped face with supporting wings that sit on the grid.

They come supplied with clips to hold in place. The drop in tile is great if you need access to above the ceiling or if you already have a suspended grid in place. Just use our Drop in Tin Tiles for an instant refurb.

600 mm x 600 mm on centre grid
24 mm wide 3 mm reveal edge
Easily clears 576 mm
Edge to edge 595 mm x 595 mm

How to install Drop In tiles